Thursday, June 14, 2012

Warrior's Liverpool Third Kit for 2012/13. Seriously?

News spreading on the worldwide web has this as the rumoured third kit made by new jersey makers Warrior for the Reds in the coming 2012/13 season.

The rumoured third Liverpool kit for 2012/13
Honestly, I was shocked to say the least if this was indeed the kit that Warrior would expect Liverpool players to don for their matches. Horrendously designed as a jersey, this would be more fitting for proponents of parade celebrations than anything else.

Judging from the poor definition and quality depicted of the Standard Chartered, Warrior as well as LFC logos, there is a very high chance that this is but a fan made mock-up of what Liverpool's third kit might be. And I wouldn't want to go into analysing what kind of fan would prefer the garish purple and weird sleeve designs that went into the creation of this. There are a number of better fan created mock-ups shown below that would make more a better concept than that eye sore above:

liverpool away shirt1 Are these Liverpools Home, Away and Third Shirts for the 2012 13 Season? [PHOTO] liverpool third shirt1 Are these Liverpools Home, Away and Third Shirts for the 2012 13 Season? [PHOTO]
The mock-up to the right is a tad better than the original point of this piece but still something that I wouldn't want to see the likes of Gerrard wearing.

I can only hope, after seeing what was decided for the official home and away shirts and the quality in their designs, that Warrior possess of some class and design sense in terms of what they would produce for our beloved club:
Official home strip for 2012/13 season
Official away strip for 2012/13 season

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